Dear aspirants, International business (IB) is an elective subject for the master of commerce students. In many of the universities, this elective is not available. But when it comes to UGC NET you see a lot of questions are being asked from this subject. Most of the students who choose Accounting, finance, marketing etc. as elective find it difficult to understand and prepare for IB.

To get a quick overview and easy understanding I would advise every aspirant to go through this book written by Sumati Varma, a Delhi University professor. Published by Pearson India, it is best and most recommended book for International business. The reason behind popularity of the book is the lucid explanation style of author and wide coverage of syllabus. I myself refer this book for my own preparation for various exams and preparation of lectures.

If you solve previous years questions, you will get answers of most of the questions in this book. Give it a try.




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  1. Thanks a lot. i got plenty of useful knowledge regarding contract of agency, future, forward contract, etc.
    Kindly keep updating

  2. hello
    please tell me if this book is good for NET EXAM NOVEMBER 2017. My elective subject is international business. if not then please recommend me a book for this.
    my email id is [email protected]

  3. yes, this book is very good book for NET NOVEMBER 2017. if you want to explore more you can go for francis cherunilam but I think sumati verma is sufficient.your elective is international business, then also you have to study for other electives in the subject because they ask questions from all electives.

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