Gottfried Achenwall is considered as the father of statistics.

The term statistics is named differently in a different language each of which means Political State.

The term statistics implied both data and statistical methods.

  • German      =Statistik
  • French       =Statistique
  • Italian        =Statista
  • Latin          =Status

Statistics can be defined in two forms

 Singular Form: Science of statistic, Plural form: Statistical data

Major Definitions

  1. According to Bowley “Statistics are numerical statements of facts in any department of enquiry placed in relation to each other.”
  2. According to Yule and Kendall “By statistics, we mean quantitative data affected to a marked extent by a multiplicity of causes. The long version of this definition is given by Prof H. Secrist.

Statistics as Science

Bowley said that “statistics is the science of counting, average and science of measurement of social organism.

Boddington has defined Statistics “as the Science of estimates and probabilities.”

Croxton and Cowden states that“statistics may be defined as collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of numerical data.”

WI King “It is a method of Judging collective, natural or social phenomena.”

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