Measure of Central Tendency

  1. The formula N/2 to measure median is used in continuous series. While N/2+1 is taken in individual and discrete series.
  2. Median and mode can be obtained by graphical method but mean cannot be.
  3. Median and mode are positional average whereas mean is a mathematical average.
  4. All types of means are mathematical average.
  5. A dataset may have no mode and every value in the data set can be a modal value.
  6. A multi-modal data set is very difficult to analyse.
  7. Grouping method is used to calculate mode when a dataset has more than two modes.
  8. Arraying the data i.e. arranging the data in ascending or descending order is the first step in calculation of median.
  9. While computing mean from a grouped data we assume that every value in a class is equal to the mid-point.
  10. Arithmetic mean is most affected by extreme value.
  11. For determining the average size of readymade garments mode is used.
  12. Density test is applied on Mode.
  13. Median is 50th percentile.
  14. Most uncertain average is mode because you may find many modes in any data set.
  15. A median is simply the value of a middle item.
  16. Median or mode can be calculated from frequency distribution with open ended class. Mean cannot be.
  17. In the calculation of mean, it is necessary to consider all values.
  18. The sum of squared deviations will be minimum if taken from Mean.
  19. Phenomenon like intelligence, honesty and beauty etc. can be measured with median whereas average size of shoes and readymade garments can be measured by mode.
  20. If the maximum frequency is repeated then the mode is calculated by grouping,
  21. Average is the representative figure of the universe.
  22. The mean is mostly affected by extreme values.
  23. Mode and Median are positional average and cab be presented through a graph.
  24. The number of deviations below median equals the number of deviations above it.
  25. Value of median is calculated on the graph with the help of Ogive.
  26. In an open ended distribution, arithmetic mean should be avoided as it is not suitable.
  27. The sum of absolute deviation from median is minimum.
  28. In short cut method of computing arithmetic mean, the mean is obtained by adding mean of the deviation to the assumed mean.
  29. It is not necessary that the value of arithmetic mean is present in the series.
  30. The effect of sampling fluctuations will be minimum in an ideal average. An ideal average is unaffected by extreme values.
  31. Algebraic analysis of median and mode is not possible.
  32. Items of more density is concentrated around the mode.
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