(Although Nature, objectives, functions are different things, these points can be explained with regard to all three. Students are required to use their intelligence in order to explain the points)

1.      It is a Part of promotion mix: personal selling is part of promotion mix, or the communication mix in the company’s marketing program. Other elements being sales promotion, advertising, public relations etc.

2.      It is a Two-Way Communication: It is the best tool for two-way communication. Salesman can provide necessary information to customer about company’s offer, and also can collect information from customer. The ultimate aim is to persuade the customer.

3.      It involves presentation and Persuasion: the salesman through his knowledge tries to present his product to the prospective buyer and tries to persuade the prospective buyer with the help of various skills and techniques.

4.      It is a Flexible tool: Personal selling is more flexible than other promotional tools. Salespersons ca see their customer’s reaction to a particular sales approach and make adjustment according to the situation.

5.      It’s a creative tool: personal selling is creative in nature. The salesperson tries to create needs. Make the customer aware of hose needs and try to persuade him to buy the product. The salesman does not sell but he creates in the other man the urge to buy.

6.      Development of long-term Relationship: Personal selling results in the development of personal relationship between the sales person and the possible buyer. Such a relationship has an important place in sales.

7.      Receipt of Additional Information: Normally, before introducing its product, a company is aware of the preferences of the probable buyers. Nevertheless, during the course of personal selling, when the sales person is in direct contact with the buyers he/she gathers additional information regarding their tastes and likings.

8.      Quick solution of Queries: The prospective buyer can make inquiries regarding the product. Salesman answers these queries quickly and removes any doubts in the mind of the buyer.

9.      Customer Confidence: By systematic sales talk and presentation, a capable salesman can remove all doubts, quarries, objections and misunderstandings, and can win customer’s confidence. It increases customers’ faith in company and its offers.

10.  Improves company’s goodwill/ Image: Note that salesmanship can remove bad image or misunderstanding by highlighting company’s achievements and offers. The detailed explanation about company and its products removes all doubts and misunderstandings. It helps in restoring company image and reputation in market.

11.  Service Element: Personal selling is not getting rid of a thing or cheating the customers for short term goal. Rather it is necessarily an act of assisting the customers to buy wisely. Today, it has become a symbol for honesty and dependability. A product tangible component when attached to intangible component of service adds value and
helps in personal selling.

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