UGC NET, which is now conducted by NTA is a national level examination for the eligibility of Assistant Professor. Clearing NET in Commerce is not an easy task and not everyone’s cup of tea. However, proper guidance could prove very useful in clearing this exam. Although the real hard work and required study have to be done by you, I am going to share some important suggestion that would help you in clearing this examination.

Here, I am going to list some of the tricks which I have used during my preparation. With the help of these trick (I would call it methodology), I have qualified JRF in commerce, NET in management and Human Resource Management.

1. It all starts with solving previous years papers. But the way it should be solved is often misunderstood. Many of us solve the papers by simply looking at the questions and answers, which is the wrong way of solving any question paper. Since it is a Multiple type question paper, one should enquire about all the options given in the question. Even if you get the answer from the answer key, search other options and make notes of each of them.

To make notes, buy 10 notebooks for all the 10 subjects. each notebook should be 400 pages. So, when you start solving the paper, have all the notebooks beside your table and whatever the question comes, pick the notebook of that subject and write down the topic of that question and go into detail of that topic. Also, enquire about every option. For example, if the question is

” Which of the following model is known as dividend capitalization model”

The probable options would be (A) Walter Model (B) Gordon’s Model (c) MM Hypothesis, (D) Lintner Model

You might get the answer directly from the answer key, i.e (B) Gordon’s Model. Now, your main task starts from here. Pick the notebook of Financial management, go and google the topic ‘dividend capitalization model’. When you search this, you will get an explanation of this. You may also take the help of any good financial management book. Now search for models that are given in options like Walters Model, MM hypothesis etc. Make notes of all of them. Then you will realize that you will have covered the topic Models of Dividend Policy. Make sure you cover all the Models of Dividend Policy.

After you have studied the topic thoroughly, go to google and search “MCQs on dividend models”. When you solve MCQs of a topic just after you have studied it, it reinforces the information in your memory and helps you to register the information firmly. Also, solving more and more MCQs increases your chances of getting a question in the exam which you have already solved somewhere.

Do this for every question. If you follow this method, Solving one paper would take you 2-3 weeks or even a month. But don’t worry. When you solve a paper and cover the topics THOROUGHLY, it becomes easier for you to solve other papers as the questions from these topics are repeated. When you will solve another paper, you may get a question: ” Which theory says that dividend policy does not have to do anything with the value of the firm”. If you had solved the previous question thoroughly, you will not have to make more effort to solve this.

You may use the book “previous years solved paper by R. Gupta”.

2. Watch a lot of lectures: Many topics may not be easy to understand. For such topics, Get the help of youtube. There are many good youtube channels nowadays which are providing quality content free of cost. Suppose I get confused on MM Hypothesis, I would take the help of youtube. I will scroll through various lecture which explains MM Hypothesis. Now, if I get a good lecture on this topic, I would be sure that this particular channel must be making good youtube videos on financial management. So now, I must check the playlist of this youtube channel. In this way, you will end up in the playlist of a youtube channel which would be very helpful for you to learn Financial Management. Some lecturers speak very slow, in such a case, you must increase the speed of the video to 1.50x or 1.75x.

Watching youtube lectures is a boon as it opens up your mind to the concepts which would look monotonous if you only read them.

Now, what happens…. you have fed your mind with a lot of information about a particular topic. First, you saw a question which is very difficult and you don’t know the answer. You study the concept, you solve the MCQs and you also watch a youtube video on that topic. This is simply a reinforcement of information in various ways into the mind. I am sure that you will not forget any concept if you learn this way. Keep revising the notes every week.

3. Using this same methodology, you have to solve the papers of other state-level exams like Kerala SET, Maharashtra SET, Karnataka Set, Assistant Professor exams etc. conducted by various state governments. I have seen many questions in NET exams which were previously asked in SET exams and Assistant Professor exams.

4. Solve the papers of NET Management. Yes, you read that right. Many subjects are common in the syllabus in Commerce and Management. Solve the questions of those subjects which are common in both. Generally, questions from marketing management, principles of management, economics etc are interchangeably asked.

If you follow these steps, there would be no one to stop you from clearing the NET exam. It will certainly take hard work of a minimum of six months. But in the end, you will end up victorious. Thanks for reading.

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