Hello, I am Toran Lal Verma. I am a research scholar and a patient learner.

I have a passion for teaching.  I am new to this profession and I am trying to be a good teacher. I feel a teacher could really touch millions of hearts and transform them. A teacher could help students to become not only learned but a good human being.

I believe that each one of us has unique abilities. We should not feel inferior to others in any aspect of life. We should know that we have greatness within us and we should work daily to improve ourselves. Unfortunately, we are discouraged and disempowered by the people around us. In such an environment, we fail to recognize own our worth and fail to work to the fullest of our abilities. I keep on telling students, the stories about our behaviors and our psychological patterns that govern most of our decisions and actions.

Through this website, I share my little knowledge with my readers(you).  I keep on sharing posts related to the subjects of  Commerce and Management. Mainly, I have started this website to help my students with the notes. Whatever I teach them, I upload the notes here. It is easier for them to access and read stuffs anytime. Not only my students, these notes have helped many regular and random visitors to my site.

Queries and suggestions I receive from different parts of the country are precious to me. Thanking Emails I receive from students across the country are the real source of motivation. I believe I could contribute more as I improve with the time.

I hope this site would help you with your studies.

Stay Blessed and keep growing in life.