What is Information?

The mass of data in its raw form may not be useful as such. But to be useful in a particular context, the relevant data must be put across in a meaningful form. This may involve certain calculations, classifications of items, tabulation and presentation of Pictures in a form useful for the purpose in view. Conversion of raw data to make it informative in a specific context is known as data processing.

When facts and figures have been processed they become information and can be used as a basis for decision-making or action. Information may therefore be regarded as the result of data processing. Information is derived through the processing of data. i.e. conversion of data into a meaningful form. For example, sales invoices put together in a file may contain data relating to goods sold during a period. but these figures will not serve as information to the sales manager until the sales figures have been added upon a monthly or weekly basis and put up to him in the form of a proper statement.

information is the processed or meaningful data. it becomes information only to even it is useful and adds to the knowledge of the recipient. the same information may be useful in varous degree to different persons depending on the nature of their respective needs. information relating to manufacturing cost will surely be more useful to the production manager than to a personnel manager.

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