Mr. D. MUTHUKRISHNAN is a Chennai based Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and the founder of Wise Wealth Advisors, a financial advisory firm. He is famous on tweeter as Muthu Sir. He calls himself an amateur investor in his Twitter bio and is very active on tweeter. I am a big fan of him and his investing philosophy. My own investing behaviour and my view of the market has drastically changed since I followed him on Twitter.

His investing philosophy is very well known to people and he has more than 293.6 K followers on Twitter. His tweets about savings, debt and long term investing are well received and appreciated by people from India and abroad. To read some of his best tweets click here.

In an interview with stockhandler.com, he shared his stock market journey and gave candid answers to the interviewer. some of the best takeaways from that interview is listed below

1. On traits to achieve financial independence

He said he had found that those who achieve early financial independence share these two common traits:

  1. They are high savers.
  2. They live well below their means.

2. On his Investment strategy:

He says that his investment strategy is influenced by Terry Smith. He defined his investment strategy as follows

1) Buy quality companies
2) Expect to hold for 10+ years
3) Try not to overpay
4) Keep track
5) Sell rarely

3. Advice to be successful in investing

  1. Save more,
  2. avoid or minimise debts,
  3. be willing to get rich slowly,
  4. don’t chase performance,
  5. be a continuous learner and
  6. Lastly, remember that investing is about 10% knowledge and 90% about your behaviour.

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