1. Service Selling Situation: This situation is related to obtaining sales from existing customers whose habits and patterns of thoughts are already known to the seller. Comparatively less effort is required to satisfy these type of customers.  Inside order takers, delivery salesperson, merchandisers, technical salesperson etc. helps in service selling situations.
  2. Developmental selling Situation: In this type of situation a salesman tries to convert prospects into customers. It requires creativity by the salesperson to persuade the customer.  It includes creative salesperson of tangibles and creative salesperson of intangibles. Like a salesperson selling vacuums cleaner (tangible) to a new customer and a salesperson selling insurance(intangible) to a new customer.
  3. Retail Selling situation: It is a totally different scenario when goods are sold through retailers. An individual retailer is the last person in the distribution channel to make products available to the buyer. Advertisement and promotions attract people but the ultimate sale depends on the salesman at the counter. The salesman inside the retail store is the key person in a retail selling situation. They do not negotiate with customer but they only make sales.
  4. Wholesale selling situation: The Wholesalers calls on retailers, dealers at regular interval on behalf of the wholesaler and helps retailers and dealers in selection of goods and services and advice them on various matters. These salespeople help a wholesaler in dealing with many retailers and dealers in day to day business which would be otherwise very difficult for wholesaler alone.
  5. Product-oriented selling situation: Selling situation also changes with the nature of the product. products at different stages of life cycle, with different value and with different technical nature requires customized efforts in sales. a salesman according to product situation could change the selling tactic.
  6. Competition Oriented Selling situation: There is a cut-throat competition in the market. Every company wants to grab more and more market share. Also, there is a competition between the salespeople within the company’s salesforce. The salespeople tend to convince the customer at any cost in order to stay ahead of another salesperson.
  7. Consumer behaviour Oriented selling situation: Selling situation also differs according to the type of buyer.  Different buyers have different income level, social status, occupation, personality, perception, belief, brand choice, payment options etc. all these factors affect the buying behaviour of a person. A salesman must understand consumer buying behaviour and must offer products according to the buying behaviour of the person.