You may or may not have heard about D. MUTHUKRISHNAN. He is a recognised long-term investor who is known for simple yet mind-blowing investing and saving ideas which he shares on Twitter.

His conviction towards the shares he holds is unmatchable. As per his investment philosophy, long term view and patience is key to create wealth in the market. He has a very concentrated portfolio of 8 stocks and he is eyeing for the NSE IPO to be his 9th.

Here We have collected some of the best tweets from his tweeter account from the month of Dec 2020. We hope it will help you to grow in your investing journey


His investment philosophy is simple as he says that if you apply common sense and simple logic, you will be able to find good companies which would eventually give good returns in the long run.


He is of the opinion that many investors holding period for a particular stock is very low due to the fact that they get lured by every new opportunity they see. If we go through his twitter timeline, we would find that he has always advocated for owning goos stocks long term than owning large number of stocks.


Patience, Patience and Patience… D. Muthuk sir is known for his patience during the not so normal times of the market also. I remember people trolling him for his tweets on Nestle and ITC when the stock prices were too low to digest. During those times too, he kept tweeting about the capabilities to those companies to create enormous wealth if owned with patience.


This is the tweet which shows how he as a long term investor has created wealth in this market which is full of ups and downs. Here, his conviction on his stocks is something which keeps him sailing through the storms in the market. From many of his tweets, we have known that he is an avid reader and he gets this conviction by reading and researching even minute details about the companies in his portfolio.


He says that wealth creation is a slow process and there is no get quick rich scheme in the market which could make you reach overnight. He has explained it many times through his tweets that Protecting capital is the first step to create wealth in the long run.

I hope these tweets would help you to understand some of the minute understandings of the market. here is the current portfolio of D. Muthuk Sir which he updated on twitter on 30th July 2020.

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